Strange Occurrence #1.

The time was 5:17 pm on January 6th, 1967 when the first strange occurrence took place. Guests staying near the Presidential Suite at the Quixote Hotel complained of a loud disturbance coming from that room. A member of the cleaning staff, Juanita Comida, would discover Texan oil magnate Senator Benton “Wes” Tyler in some type of drug induced altered state of mind. His young wife Cookie was nowhere to be found the evening of this strange occurrence. The image below was taken by the head concierge of the Quixote Sanjay Sidhartha.

Senator Benton “Wes” Tyler mental state was compromised due to a tainted bottle of dark rum found in his room.

Later Senator Tyler would explain that he was making a drink called a Tropical Painkiller for himself to get over his jet lag when he went blank. He recalled making the drink which requires dark rum as a key ingredient and having a drink or two when things went dark. Unexplained was the whereabouts of his young wife Cookie who was nowhere to be found the evening of this strange occurrence.


Senator Tyler’s drink of choice the Tropical Painkiller.
Tropical Painkiller recipe consists of  1 1/2 oz Coconut milk, 3 oz Orange juice, 3 oz Pineapple juice & 2 oz Rum, dark. Pineapple wedge and cherry are preferred garnishes but Senator Tyler had to make due with fresh mint leaves he found in his room’s wet bar.
Senator Tyler’s liquor of choice The Old Man & The Sea dark rum.
The above image is an official entry from the Palm Springs police department evidence room. It show the bottle of dark rum found in the wet bar of the the Presidential Suite the evening the strange events occurred on January 6th, 1967. Tests would show the rum had a hallucinogen added to it explaining the Senator’s strange behavior. Was this incident intentional? If it was intentional who is responsible?
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