Strange Occurrence #2. A Midnight Ride in a Land Rover!

1967 Land Rover Series IIA 4 x 4

Our last installment of a Mystery at The Quixote Hotel was in regards to a person of interest by the name of Juanita Comida. She briefly worked for the Quixote Hotel as a cleaning person. Ms. Comida was the last person seen in Senator Taylor’s room before he blacked out due a severe LSD induced trip. She was also seen by the senator holding his Minolta Hi-Matic which had images on it that were sensitive to national security. Authorities would have no luck in finding Ms. Comida or the camera after the evening of January 6th, 1967. Who was this person and what did she do with the highly sensitive film on the senator’s camera?

Another strange event and occurred only minutes after Senator Taylor was discovered to be drugged in his room. It was the theft of a 1967 Land Rover Series IIA. It belonged to former astronaut-turned-Hollywood stuntman Chance Reeves. The individual who stole the off road vehicle used the cover of night to their advantage. The vehicle would be discovered caked in mud and sand about a week later. It was outside of a small airfield in Palm Desert Airpark in Rancho Mirage east of Los Angeles. The keys to Mr. Reeve’s Land Rover was still in the ignition. It’s plausible to believe that after Ms. Comida stole Senator Tyler’s camera she also stole and drove Mr. Reeves’ Land Rover to the airfield. It’s also plausible to deduce she had a rendezvous with an accomplice at the airstrip who then took the Minolta camera with the sensitive pictures on them. How exactly Ms. Comida acquired the keys to Mr. Reeve’s vehicle is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Next post: Person of Interest #3. Senator Taylor’s fifth wife, Cookie

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